The Battle for Wesnoth

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The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy milieu. Units of different types have different strengths and weaknesses, and rise to higher levels as they gain experience. Players recruit armies of units for single-player campaigns, or for multiplayer scenarios against human or AI opponents, locally or across a network.

This project is a port of The Battle for Wesnoth to Nokia's Internet Tablets, with the goal of adapting Wesnoth's interface to the N800, which has a 4.1 inch 800x480 pixel touch screen, no keyboard, and only a few buttons. The current release is version 1.2.8-2osso4 for Chinook, and 1.2.8-2maemo6 for Diablo. The most notable change from previous releases is that these versions fully supports music and sound effects.

The main project page is In particular, please note the bug tracker on that page, where you can report any problems you find.

The main Wesnoth web site is, naturally,

Installing Wesnoth Packages

Click here to install The Battle for Wesnoth

You can install The Battle for Wesnoth and its campaigns by using the Application Manager, if you have enabled the “maemo Extras” repository. If you haven't, visit this page with a tablet's web browser, click on the “Click to install!” button, and let Application Manager add the catalog for you.

Wesnoth and its campaigns will appear under Games in the list of installable applications.


This package installs the game application itself, the tutorial, and some multi-player scenarios. The official campaigns are distributed in separate packages.


If you want to hear Wesnoth's theme music during games, install this package and turn on “music” in the game's preferences. Note that this package is quite large.

Wesnoth-ei: The Eastern Invasion

“There are rumors of undead attacks on the eastern border of Wesnoth. You, an officer in the Royal Army, have been sent to the eastern front to protect the villagers and find out what is happening.”

Wesnoth-httt: Heir to the Throne

“Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir.”

Wesnoth-trow: The Rise of Wesnoth

“Lead Prince Haldric through the destruction of the Green Isle and across the Ocean to establish the very kingdom of Wesnoth itself. The confrontation with Lich-Lord Jevyan awaits...”

Wesnoth-tsg: The South Guard

“A young knight, Deoran, is dispatched to take command of the South Guard... Note: this campaign is designed as an introduction to Wesnoth. The ‘Civilian’ difficulty level is aimed at first-time players.”

Wesnoth-ttb: A Tale of Two Brothers

“A Black Mage is threatening the local village and its inhabitants. When their leader Bjarn sends for aid from his brother Arne, he is victorious, but Bjarn himself is kidnapped. Can you rescue him? A very short campaign, made for beginners on ‘easy’ and challenging for pros on ‘hard’.”

Wesnoth-utbs: Under the Burning Suns

“In the distant future a small band of elves struggles to survive amidst the ruins of fallen empires. Lead your people out of the desert on an epic journey to find a new home.”


Wesnoth-all installs all of the other packages. You probably don't have room to do that...


The wesnoth-data package contains sound and graphics files. You shouldn't have to install it, because it will be installed automatically by the wesnoth package.